Folding Cartons

In the recent years the production of dies has undergone a big transformation. Whereas previously only lasers, plotters and routers were directed by means of CAD data, by now also the rule process is largely automated. Cutting lines are automatically bent or cut off at a desired length
through an automatic rule processor, after which the broaching and bending technology is performed so that these cutting rules can be mounted in the cutting die without tension. The laser cutting in combination with scoring bridging and the modification of the cutting lines, provides better stability. The large advantage of these techniques are, that together with broaching it significantly reduces the make ready time on the diecutting machine. The usage of rubber which has been cut to length with the aquajet machine ensures an optimum finish of the cutting die.


An added value in a package is achieved by including one or more embossings. Depending on the embossing run and the quality of the carton, DieVision provides different versions of embossing. Crease matrix with counter crease for packaging, milled from pertinax or vetronit, eventually will be with built-in counter crease.

Steel counter plate

More and more jobs are diecutted with a steel counter plate instead of pertinax counter plates. Whereas previously, only large quantities were diecutted with steel counter plates, it is now clearly the tendency that shorter runs are also being diecutted with steel counter plates. The result is greater accuracy and a cleaner package; this is a must, particularly for the food industry. The speed and efficiency on the folding/gluing machines was additionally increased.


Stability in the stripping set is essential for problem free stripping. DieVision offers for this, different stripping systems, Conventional, Dyna-strip, PinPoint and Strip- Clip, or a combination thereof. It is becoming more and more important to make fast changeovers on the diecut machines, whereas the waste completely must be stripped without lower stripping pins.


The packaging must, if possible, be stacked on pallets separately. Therefore, more and more is made use of complete blanking dies. The product must be supplied separately to the folder/gluer in order to increase productivity. DieVision internally manufacture various models such as, with or without white margin, with a complete steel pressure plate, or with air. The total diecutting process is a sequence of different factors. In the production of CAD data, DieVision has already assessed how the cutting die will be produced in conjunction with the stripping system and blanking set. This was done to achieve a problem free diecutting process!

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