Partnership between DieVision / Aprisys, Bieling & Petsche and Cito!

The company CITO, manufacturer and supplier of materials for the die-tooling and die-cutting business, has formed a technical cooperation agreement with the Austrian die-tooling manufacturer Bieling & Petsche (Groedig and Vienna) and DieVision / Aprisys.

 The joint aim is, in addition to improving existing products, especially the development of new materials and techniques for the die-tooling industry. CITO wants to build a bridge between the existing challenges of the die-tooling producers and also the needs of the end users (printing companies, folding/solid board, corrugated board and packaging companies …).CITO delivers to approximately 30,000 customers worldwide and therefore is open to the wishes or questions from these customers. They are aware that these requirements can only be put into reality by forming a cooperation between CITO and die-tooling producers.

From this perspective, we are glad that DieVision / Aprisys were asked to participate in this “R & D development group”. We hope to put together a lasting and successful partnership which will ensure all parties, and especially our customers to be the winning party.