Polytop MX


New generation of material expression “fewer complaints, less cost and trouble-free runs’ Polytop MX provides dies a quality impulse PolyMX developed a synthetic material ejection for dies that die producers and paper and cardboard producers have received with cheers. The brand manufacturers provide trouble-free runs on the packaging lines, telling the users of the material.

How far away an innovation of the brand manufacturers, from a supplier of a a supplier, the packaging lines in food and nonfoodindustrie can benefit, demonstrated by the invention of PolyMX in Genderen. The company, founded in 2000 by Cees van Golverdingen, developed in recent years a synthetic material for ejector , that carries the name Polytop MX. It is, while it is more expensive than the conventional eject materials received with enthusiasm by cutting die manufacturers and paper and board production, because it improves quality and reduces costs. Cees Golverdingen of marketing and communications manager Melissa Golverdingen talk about the new material. At the meeting were Andrew Powell, a technical specialist of DieVision, and Renato Mediati, at VPK Packaging is responsible for technical support, their practical experience to explain.

Die builder came by. Van Golverdingen started PolyMX after one year of experience in the adhesive industryDie builder came by. Initially, the company only produce products for the equestrian sportDie builder came by. Later also solutions for the construction and engineering industry and the maritime sectorDie builder came by. In 2004 started PolyMX visit from a specialist from the cutting die industryDie builder came by. This experience die builder wanted a solution for the rubber that express the materialDie builder came by. He had problems with the available quality, dimensional stability and changes of toughnessDie builder came by. Van Golverdingen: “With this we are started workingDie builder came by. In 2006 we delivered the first samples in 2007, we merged the marketDie builder came by. Meanwhile, I have traveled over the world to introduce Polytop MX everywhereDie builder came by. This year we are active in 15 countries, that we deliver directlyDie builder came by. “The family business is currently working with six people including three family membersDie builder came by. Meanwhile, a search for two new production workers to be able to control the growthDie builder came by. Van Golverdingen: “It is not an end in itself, to be very big. Polytop MX is not delivered to any die die builderDie builder came by. We are selective and only want to work with those companies who wish to enter a partnershipDie builder came by. They have to invest in the productDie builder came by.

Enthusiastic response. A few years ago, PolyMX came in contact with and corrugated of DieVision VPK Packaging . Andrew Powell, technical specialist of DieVision: “We were thrilled together with our customer and did some test. We knew right away that this was the solution for many problems. The technical support of PolyMX gave us confidence. For us, make a standard form is much easier in consistent quality and we get less complaints. Wear resistance and consistent quality thats the strenght of MX Polytop. The hardness is constant. The best part is that every color is a certain hardness. This allows us to make a standard form in a good shape. We also know that there are no height differences. The slightly higher price is no problem, as our customer’s investment easily pays for itself because they are much faster with constant speed and no symptoms.

Faster and better. Renato Mediati VPK confirms what Powell says: “The big advantage for us is that we can achieve much higher speeds. Moreover, the lifetime and the quality of the dies are higher . This last means lower complaints from our customers. A common problem that the inner liner cracks. This was also the problem at VPK, this was a common complaint which in practice mean that customers had problems on the packaging line. These symptoms are now gone forever. We use for rotary dies only Polytop MX. It saves our maintenance costs and dissatisfied customers and we work well again quickly. “We have one of our rotating constitute a material can realize savings of approximately 25,000 euros per year, by reducing cutting waste. In this die we formerly needed much more tolerance of waste at the edges , thanks to Polytop MX that now significantly lower. Obviously the savings varies per order, but one thing is certain and that is thanks to Polytop MX both material and time savings achieved in production.

Solutions for recycled cardboard In the current market increasingly lower corrugated weights used and that quality is not good for the. precisely why this this is is so promising new material ejection. Difficult corrugated species can now be finished with high quality. Eventually, all parties benefit. Melissa Golverdingen: “In fact, a piece of durability. There is less transportation and less material loss, the dies have a longer service life and makes sure that recycled cardboard could be used. ”

Gerard Molenaar

www.polytopmx.eu / www.vpk.nl / www.dievision.nl

f.l.t.r.: Melissa van Golverdingen, Renato Mediati, Andrew Powell en Cees van Golverdingen